Archer + Stone, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Archer + Stone, the legionella experts

Archer + Stone was borne out of the need for clients to reduce the risk and manage the risk from legionella for the benefit of the customer. Also it is important to do so cost effectively. The principal legionella control consultants average over 15 years experience in the areas of legionella risk assessment, engineering, chemistry, training and customer service.

We recognised that most competitor companies are primarily set up to profit from client’s fears, lack of understanding and unwillingness to take responsibility for legionella control. This creates a convenient arrangement to sell very profitable ongoing monitoring contracts costing from £720-£2,500 pa. To that can be added annual clean & disinfection (chlorination is NOT the correct term) procedures, sampling of water and disinfection of shower heads which is NOT required in ACoP L8.

The point is that there are a host of ways to steer clients to parting with lots of money that are not necessary, not required or bad advice. So beware who you deal with. Ask yourself, what are they recommending, why, who benefits? Is there a better way?

Archer + Stone was set up to assist customers and act on their behalf. We provide independent, impartial advice acting as consultants. We will advise where contractors should be brought in and offer a management service if required.

You can trust us.Some examples of how we save customers money.

  1. We provide legionella training in house to carry out the control scheme thereby saving the £720-£2,500 pa at each site. Remember the legal liability is always with site so paying a contractor to collect and provide information is not the best use of resources.
  2. Archer + Stone legionella risk assessments will state clearly when ‘there is no foreseeable risk’ which is (we believe) unique. It states this in ACoP L8 and has never yet been seen in a competitor report. We tell the customer “your site is not at risk, no need to spend any more money” if that is the case.
  3. Another cost saving approach is to reduce the frequency of annual cold (and hot) water storage tank cleaning. Some companies advise this annually which is not necessary. It should be done as required and we again will act on the client’s behalf.

Let us say there are 300 schools in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield, York, Huddersfield, Halifax paying an average £960pa for contractors doing monthly visit checks. Archer + Stone offer to train 1 person per site at £200 for 1 day course plus £50 for a log book to take doing the control measures in house then the saving to the tax payer is estimated at £240,000 per year.

We are a small team of legionella control specialists dedicated to providing the best professional advice and great customer service. Our aim is to assist clients to reduce the risks from legionella, managing that risk and reducing the costs for the client.

We are here to help you, we are genuine, competent, passionate independent consultants that you can trust.


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