Professional Legionella Risk Assesment,

Legionella Risk Assessment Testimonials

"I would like to commend Karl Collingwood –Thirlway as a first class legionella control specilaist. I have known and had work carried out by Karl since 2003 when his legionella risk assessment of a complex site in Halifax was very good. The quality and attention to detail was noticeable throughout the documentation and his approach to the works. I am confident that any Council or other organisation that chooses Archer & Stone (and especially Karl) to do auditing services will be pleased with their decision."

August 17, 2010Rob Bottomley, Principal Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

"Karl carried out a survey and assessment very thoroughly and professionally. We have been very pleased and assured in the professional way the whole matter has been handled by Karl on behalf of Archer & Stone and would have no problem in recommending them."

December 12, 2009Mick Thorpe, General Manager

"I am very pleased with the professional and excellent service we received from all the team at Archer and Stone. The risk assessment is clear and very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for a Legionella risk assessment within a reasonable budget. Thank you."

April 10, 2011Catherine Lilley-Moffat, Allerton Dental Practice

"As a result of your service we are now worry free, knowing that legionella tests have been carried out and there is no risk to patients and staff. I found Archer and Stone very approachable, prompt, honest and reliable. I will be happy to mention Archer and Stone at our next meeting with the Primary Care Trust."

March 7, 2011Sharon Bridge – Holbeck Dental

"Archer and Stone were very helpful and found the course very interesting and useful. Karl new every ones name, this is a big plus for me. The company are not pushing into selling you other products. I am very happy with all aspects of the service. I would recommend Archer and Stone, very professional and friendly."

March 22, 2011Lisa Beech – Bergin Family Dental


"Archer and Stone were able to provide us with a value for money service, with an exceptional understanding of our business needs."

March 18, 2010Meg Daniels, A&S Dental

"I would recommend Archer and Stone, I specifically liked their honesty."

March, 2011Matt Hawker – Rawdon Lights

"I found Archer and Stone to be very helpful, very user friendly and easy to contact. I would recommend them: they are friendly, thorough at a reasonable price."

April, 2011Cherie Davies – Quantum Ortho Limited

"The report was done very quickly and we had good communication with Archer and Stone, found them very professional."

April, 2011Dr Mak Dhinsa – Dhinsa Dental


"Ease and the efficiency, speed and friendliness at low cost. I would recommend Archer and Stone."

June, 2011Chris Challans – Albion Dental


"Archer and Stone provided a comprehensive report and feedback, the service was prompt, friendly and it was easy to interpret our results. Good value and thorough"

March 3, 2011Tim Quamby – The Orange Tree Dental Practice

Legionella Training Testimonials


"The training day was a nice balance of facts, fear (consequences of not controlling) and fun. The practical aspect of the day matched with Karl's obvious passion for the subject which helped enthuse the delegates and cement the classroom learning. Everyone enjoyed the good course and gained a lot of understanding. Haulfryn will apply this to protect our customers and business."

September 2011Haulfryn Group


"Very interesting, obviously presented by the man who cares."

2010Donald Sunderland – Admas


"An excellent, informative and well paced training session which Karl presented very well. I will be recommending to my line manager to hold further sessions with other members of staff who will be involved in the control of legionella"

June 3, 2010Elaine Thomas, Broadacres Housing Association


"Quite an illuminating course in that it addressed many of the myths and misconceptions that surround legionnaire’s disease."

June 3, 2010D.Charters, Broadacres Housing Association


"Well worth the time spent, Very well presented course. No improvements, very informative, content and delivery spot on. Course was very interesting, no improvements, By now understanding the risks and how to control them I will now be able to monitor the levels and will be more aware of the actions needed."

November 11, 2010Cameron Limited


"Very good delivery of the subject. Training was made relevant to our company; all delegates were encouraged to participate. Very educational, good delivery of the subject and would highly recommend to other dental practices and organisations."

October 20, 2010Barkhill Dental


"Very good presentation and content."

2010Richard Pickles - Aedas, CDM Project Safety Limited


"Very informative and well delivered."

2010Ian McKie - Wakefield District Council

"I attended a Legionella training session provided by Archer + Stone following an audit undertaken for one of my clients. I found the session to be very professionally presented and was aimed at a level that engaged the delegates. Subsequent to this I have arranged for competency training session for the key players at my client in order to meet the legislative requirements. I would have no problem in recommending similar services to any of my clients in the future."

2010Ian Routh, Managing Director, IN2 Health & Safety Ltd


"Excellent informative session."

2010Stuart Robertshaw - Robertshaw Group


"Clear information, well presented."

2010Karen Malin, - The GI Consultant


"Congratulations. I was extremely impressed with the seminar that I attended last Thursday. The material was well presented and at a level that was pitched just right. I liked your style of presentation and that of your co presenter. I now have a clearer picture of “Legionella” and have a better idea of any warning signs to be on the lookout for when attending site visits."

2010Linda Oakes, Director, Admas


"Very informative, a useful way to spend two hours."

2010Sharon Taffinder - Alcontrol


"Very in-depth, full of information."

2010John Dagnall - Canopy Housing Project