Professional Legionella Risk Assesment

Legionella Risk Assessment

The key starting point to any legionella control programme is having legionella risk assessments carried out on premises.

Under the Approved Code of Practice known as ACoP L8 it is a requirement to assess the risk in order to determine the next steps.

It is in effect a legal obligation under various legislation, primarily the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended) known as COSHH.

There is plenty of information in ACoP L8 from page 5-8 paragraphs 23-37 and many commercial versions of legionella risk assessments. In essence it should be done by a competent person on ALL work premises on behalf of the person responsible for the site.

Creating an effective control regime

One key area is to determine whether or not there is a reasonably foreseeable risk and Archer + Stone are happy to state this. Often this is not found in competitor reports. We offer independent, impartial legionella risk assessments which provide the client with best advice, and value for money in a reliable, comprehensive, professional report.

In our view the legionella risk assessment is very important. It is worth spending perhaps a bit more to get this bit right.

Any corners cut, omissions or inaccuracies inevitably lead to a weaker control regime and probably cost increases or wasted money later on.

We would love you to contact us so we can show you how brilliant our legionella risk assessments are so we can do them for your organisation.

It is tempting to put an example on the website but we don’t want the competition copying our well respected report that has come from years of experience and expertise.

Our legionella risk assessments have a very good reputation and we have plenty of admirers who confidently recommend us.

Ease and the efficiency, speed and friendliness at low cost. I would recommend Archer and Stone

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